About Us


With all the capacity to be sole lobbying agent for member banks, the association aspires to evolve into dependable training, networking and sectorial research institute that serves the entire financial sector.


The mission of EBA is to promote and serve the interests of member banks through training, advocacy, research and networking with the ultimate objective of creating competitive banking industry in Ethiopia.

  • Further a co-operative spirit and ventures among member banks
  • Organize and facilitate the exchange of information and expertise
  • Advocate the passage of legislation, policies and regulations conducive to good banking practices
  • Promote and support banking education, training and research
  • Organize and advance banking activities of common benefit such as clearing houses, transfers handling, inter-bank lending, money markets, and the like and use common resources to promote the objectives of the Association
  • Undertake the settlement of disputes that may arise among members through mediation and arbitration when such disputes are referred to it by concerned parties
  • Develop and recommend a code of conduct for banking practices
  • Educate the public on banking services;
  • Purchase, administer, sell, and transfer the properties of the Association
  • Represent the banking sector
  • Carry out other activities related to the fulfillment of the purposes of the Association.

Our People

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Project Manager,
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Concept Strategist
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Creative Director
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